More than an artist, Fanie Scholtz has carved a name for himself in the art world as a jack of all trades, driven by beauty in all that he does. Born in Beaufort West in the ’70s, his parents owned the general dealer in the town and were very busy. Says Scholtz:  “In a way, my sister Ursula and I raised each other. I had a great childhood. We played a lot, were naughty sometimes and lived life to the fullest. We moved to Stellenbosch when I was around 14 and I attended Paul Roos Gymnasium for three years. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been involved in some form of art. I won my first prize at the age of 9. I matriculated at the College of Cape Town, focussing on art including sculpture, painting, drawing, multi-media and pottery. This is where I really found myself and even became a student councillor. Before then, I was bullied and extremely shy. I had a wonderful teacher, Susan Roux, who nurtured my talent. I’ll forever be in her debt.”

After matriculating, Scholtz had many careers including being a driver for hotel guests at exclusive The Cellars-Hohenort, part of the five-Star Relais & Châteaux Group. He adds: “I even obtained a public driving permit for the job. I also owned an interior design shop in Paarl for over two years, where I spent most of my time beautifying other people’s homes. Eventually I realised that I wanted to focus all my time and energy on fine art.”

His first sale was to his life partner of 25 years. “Soon after we met, Louis bought one of my paintings after asking gallery owner and art critic, David Ras, whether he’d buy it.  He wanted to make sure it was a sound investment,” Scholtz adds with a smile. Painting is his preferred medium. “I enjoy acrylics more than oil. I’ve always been inspired by windmills, landscapes, our farm in Sutherland, Misty Cliffs and nature – anything beautiful. I love visiting art galleries where I find inspiration through other artists’ works and techniques. Painting offers a certain freedom as the artist can decide where the focus should lie. To me, windmills represent hope, life and longing. ”

He has exhibited around the country including Art B Gallery, Christo Coetzee Gallery and Museum in Tulbagh, Jamstreet, Rosendal Gallery, Schalkenbosch Wine Estate, KKNK and most recently Woordfees.

According to Scholtz, he finds commissions both enjoyable and challenging. “I love them. It forces me to give my absolute best. I enjoy bending the rules a bit and coming up with something unexpected.”

Described as a kind-hearted soul by his friends and family, you will often see his dogs feature in his work. “I love my dogs, but also people and other animals. I’m an extrovert and my partner is the complete opposite, but somehow it works for us.”

Besides painting, Scholtz also curates many exhibitions for galleries and has a company, Well Hung, which curates art collections in homes. “Hanging art is an art in itself. It’s all about flow, position, natural light, the weight, size, texture, and shape of items, etc. You can mix different styles and art forms, play with colour or shapes – the possibilities are endless. Artwork is a great way to add interest to any room, but arranging it can be stressful. Because I’m driven by beauty, your home will feel like a gallery in no time. Plus, we’ll have fun doing it!”

Fanie Scholtz can be contacted at or on 082 077 2146.


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