left to right: Rens Rezelman, Kitty Douglas-Jones and Anthony Douglas-Jones

Douglas Jones not only imports mosaics and wholesales them to select retailers around Southern Africa, but also has the in-house capability to design and make up mosaic mixes, patterns and fades. Their Creative Assembly Department is a labour intensive component of the business that employs up to 25 people working to produce custom-designed patterns that are installed throughout the world. Hotels, restaurants, private homes and corporates with a flair for creativity are the final recipients of tasteful mosaic designs assembled in the Cape Town premises.

Anthony Douglas-Jones adds: ‘We may be a small company in numbers but we believe that we are influential in the design arena of the building industry on an increasingly global basis. Mosaics are able to introduce focus to once lifeless spaces where their colour, material – and ultimately their aesthetic – create talking points.’

Professional catalogues, product training and a dedicated service centre synergise to demonstrate how Douglas Jones is geared to meet the ever-growing demand for quality, fashionable mosaics. The company also markets their own mosaic fix, which further confirms their commitment to offer high echelon products with quality installation components. This ensures greater longevity in the selected locations where mosaics and tile décor products are to be installed.

Douglas Jones is launching a new state-of-the-art boutique gallery in Rosebank, Johannesburg in March 2017. Says Kitty Douglas-Jones: ‘We currently have a smaller niche showroom in the same area, which has been very well received. Now we’re going bigger, better and bolder, with far more extensive visual and tactile elements. The aim is to get the creative juices flowing in this gallery, which will be a destination venue. Here, we’ll invite interior designers, architects and their clients to visit with their plans, relax in a tasteful setting and make well informed decisions regarding the various projects they are working on.

Says Anthony Douglas-Jones: ‘Douglas Jones has evolved as a name synonymous with quality, sophistication and globally appreciated design, which is patently timeless. We want to create designs that remain in fashion for decades.’

Visit: www.douglasjones.co.za

For the full article see Habitat #257 January / February 2017