Anthonij Rupert Wyne in the Franschhoek Wine Valley has perfected the art of producing wine with an uncompromising commitment to the environment accompanied by a singular dedication to innovation. All this is personified in the estate’s Protea wine range of eight wines, created for immediate enjoyment but also with unique packaging that has been designed with the purpose of “upcycling” in mind. In this manner extraordinary attractive features can be created in and around the home after the wine has been savoured.

The award-winning estate has now taken its dedication to innovation a step further by announcing that its Protea wine range is now available with a Helix closure. This closure combines tradition with convenience since this unique, ergonomically designed cork and glass packaging solution is a marriage between the benefits of traditional cork with a user-friendly, re-sealable closure.

Some singular features characterise the Helix. It has a twist-out cork from Amorim, the world’s biggest cork supplier, matched by a threaded bottleneck from Consol, an equally renowned glass bottle manufacturer. In this manner the Protea wine bottles can be opened and closed quite easily by hand, thus creating an airtight barrier with a simple twist of the wrist!

According to research, consumers prefer cork and associate this with quality. Helix retains the tradition of cork, while at the same time providing functionality.

The Protea, South Africa’s national flower, is highlighted on the bottles. These flowers are found exclusively in the Cape’s floral kingdom, which is not only the smallest but also the world’s richest floral region. Eye-catching prints on bottles depict the provenance of the wines. The distinctive packaging designs encourage re-use and recycling, thus prolonging the life cycle of the product and ultimately contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Consider one or more of these innovative uses:

  • a professional glass-cutter is able to transform your bottles into cups, vases, chandeliers, candle holders and plant pots;
  • placemats and even seats can be made of melted glass

Here are a few more of our favourites:

The wines are available directly from the estate or from select specialist wine shops and retail outlets nationwide. The white wines and rosé in the Protea range retails between R50 and R60 per bottle while the reds retail between R60 and R70 per bottle. The range consists of four white wines, three red wines and one rosé wine. These are a Sauvignon blanc, a Chenin blanc, a Chardonnay, a Pinot Grigio, a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Merlot, a Shiraz and lastly the Rosé.

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