Technogym HQ Village, Cesena, Italy – designed by architect Antonio Citterio.


We can safely declare that the only bad workout, is the one that didn’t happen; and we insist that good things always come to those who sweat because as far back as the beginning of human life on the planet, the theory tirelessly proven to us is that tough times don’t last, tough people – do. Health and wellness are the central focuses in protecting against the intangible, invisible challenges of life and all its threats. Being in public with confidence and peace of mind has been compromised recently, so equipping our homes into wellness castles and health sanctuaries is a wise and logical process that once begun, develops, grows and satisfies.



More than 50% of people went back to gyms after lockdown, but they’re also equipping their homes to have the fitness factor – so the market is bigger than before. Technogym is a global leader in health and wellness products. They’re design focussed and when analysing a range like Personal Line, we can appreciate (it’s obvious) that Technogym represents functional and aesthetic innovation from the perspectives of art, design and naturally, wellness.



The story started in the city of Cesena more than 30 years ago: a story of perseverance, faith in innovation, and archetypical Italian passion for detail.

Since the early 80s, Technogym has been at the cutting edge of wellness innovation and wellness design. For over 35 years, these pioneers have been inspiring and supporting people in living healthier and happier ways.

The special approach to what the company does is best summarised into 3 key areas:

superb design – functional goes hand-in-hand with beautiful, be it for equipment or environment.

scientific research – tap into proven knowledge to achieve the results aimed for.

innovative technology – benefit from a connected ecosystem to stay on track with Technogym’s wellness lifestyle, anywhere and anytime.


There’s an evident striving for total quality in everything Technogym does – from user-centred design process to lean, efficient and eco-friendly production processes. Quality design is at the heart of all their products, interfaces and wellness environments.



The designs always revolve around one person only: the person who’s training and who deserves to relish in the experience to the max. That’s why their design won some of the most prestigious international awards.

The Personal Line range translates 30 years of research and product development into stunning fitness equipment created with exclusive, exceptional materials and diligent craftsmanship.

Personal Line is Technogym’s premium collection of home fitness equipment that combines the style of the famous designer Antonio Citterio with Technogym’s experience in the world of fitness and sport as official supplier of the last 8 Olympic Games. In addition to offering the best in terms of cutting-edge biomechanics and digital technologies, the products in the Personal Line are made with refined materials and craftsmanship of the highest level that are designed to be positioned and featured in the most highly occupied and most beautiful spaces of the home, or the office, in just the same way as beautiful pieces of furniture would be treated.

The range includes the most iconic fitness equipment: treadmill, bike, recline, elliptical, Kinesis and Power Station to create a complete home gym by integrating favourite training products in the living room, bedroom or bathroom, or all of these.

Integrated with the revolutionary Technogym Live platform, Personal Line products allow you to choose your fully customised training experience from a wide range of on-demand training content, including trainer-led sessions, workout routines, outdoor scenarios, and endless entertainment options.



Technogym Live offers an extensive on-demand library of video content: live classes by selecting your favourite spinning trainer, one-on-one cardio or strength training sessions, fitness routines, basic exercises, or virtual routes set in nature or in your favourite cities: the Technogym Training Experience will be unique and unrepeatable.




A bicycle is a bit like a musical instrument. They’re both inert objects that only come alive and flourish with generosity when put in contact with a human being. They also have the ability to clear the mind and to release us to the present moment. Similar to when performing musically, we tend to enter a spacious and emancipating zone when we’re cycling. For those precious hours in the saddle, nothing else matters except you and the bike.

With the proven health benefits that exercise provides in physical fitness, mental focus and mindfulness, equipment like this around the house translates as rideable art that can save the world, by letting it save your life every day you use it.



On the new Technogym Bike you can join the world’s best trainer classes. Known as the innovative bike, it allows you to enjoy indoor cycling classes from the comfort of your own home, live or on-demand, with your favourite trainers from leading fitness studios around the world. From the Technogym Bike console, you can choose your favourite class, based on the trainer, music, duration, and participate in live classes or select them from the extensive on-demand library.




A professional exercise bike designed down to every detail from their research centre, it’s the result of more than 30 years of biomechanical research and a constant dialogue with Olympic athletes. It adapts to the body in seconds, thanks to its quick setting. Pedalling is the most fluid and quiet ever. And it’s just the beginning.



Technogym Bench is the all-in-one station that contains all the tools for a complete workout. Designed to offer maximum comfort and an infinity of exercises in the smallest possible space, the bench adapts anywhere, transforming even the smallest space into a complete functional gym.



Inside it you can find elastics, dumbbells, knuckles and training mats to make training sessions even more varied and challenging with over 200 basic exercises. Technogym bench also includes access to video training programs to guide you through your workouts. And it’s even less expensive than some mobile phones out there.



People who work out may gain greater immunity, according to recent study findings. The news is exciting. Technogym is at the forefront of these discussions as a wellness company with the promotion of training physical activity, correct nutrition and a positive mindset at its core. Social distancing measures are still heavily in effect, so healthy active lifestyle choices at home are proving to be paramount. From pro-athlete status to simply being proactive with home fitness, a good work / life balance and training routine could actually help amplify a future vaccine response.

Finding space for wellness in our lives and in our homes is simple. It simply starts with a decision. Technogym offers multiple solutions tailored to our training preferences, passions, and available space. All products integrate style and design with the innovative technology and digital content. They’re statement pieces to be explored in daily life and applied to fit into the home or even work environment for functional training, indoor cycling, running, or for an entire gym.