Born in 1973 in Johannesburg to a Catholic family of Croatian immigrants, Sasha Fabris is the middle child of five. She notes: ‘I’m always contending with being ‘left’ of 56 first cousins.’

Since the first time she lifted a crayon the desire to be an artist existed and she was fortunately recognised throughout school as one whose career path seemed obvious. Her parents however, were not that accepting of such a ‘dead end’ position in life: that of an artist. With these perspectives in mind they placed every obstacle in the way of her dream becoming reality. She recalls: ‘There was a time when I believed my final decision to study Fine Arts at Wits was an act of defiance. With age and a modicum of wisdom, I know now there was no other path that would bring me the level of success and understanding of self-worth, had I ‘listened’ and pursued a more conventional path.

‘Unforeseen and tragic circumstances presented in my life, forcing me to put that desire to work solely in Fine Arts on hold until financial security was ascertained for my two young boys. I applied my creativity to a more tangible ‘bottom line’ and Carfax was born. I always believed Carfax was my little Bauhaus in Johannesburg. Most of us who know Carfax understand that ‘special something’ that exists within the space. Speculations end when one understands the true conviction and integrity behind the creative spirit that finds its place as the culmination of arts from all disciplines.

For the full article see Habitat #255 September / October 2016

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