Born in the Vaal triangle and educated in Johannesburg, Aldon McLeod made a permanent move to the Gauteng metropolis during his last year of studies. He began his career in design as a furniture and interior designer for a reputable design company based in Parkhurst, Johannesburg.

Having an ongoing passion for history, and the dialogue behind the veil of design, McLeod subsequently found it hard to resist joining an existing import house based in Cape Town that represented strong and historically acclaimed global brands. It was from this opportunity eight years ago that he made the move to promote imported brands in Johannesburg. And it was then that his love for iconic masterpieces entrenched itself.

It was from this previous experience gained at the Cape Town import house that TrueDesign evolved. Says Aldon McLeod: ‘TrueDesign as a brand name is still very young, only just three years, but within this small period of time we’ve become a recognised name in the high echelon furniture supply sector, by striving to excel in every direction. Our ethos is rooted in the pride we have in these products, it’s a matter of true authentic design, originality, quality and service.’

TrueDesign made a decision to refine their brand offering by selecting merely a handful of international houses, each with its own unique identity, style and ethos. Says McLeod: ‘Having less brands placed us in a position whereby we could give more attention and energy to each, our goal being to establish mono brand stores for every brand we represent. The selection includes key players in the international marketplace and is representative of current global trends, hence the importance of providing each brand with its own home. I feel that this creates the required credibility and sense of identity.’

Aldon McLeod’s personal passion for the history of design is clearly seen in his choice of Cassina, a brand that, under license and various agreements, manufactures a vast range of modern classic pieces, better known as the I Maestri collection.


For the full article see Habitat #266 July / August 2018


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