Park Tower West is the first project executed to completion by El Estudio Store. The interiors were conjured by the renowned designer Andrés Augusto Aybar who chose to combine a unique collection of products from exclusive design firms, such as Essential Home, Bosa, CC-Tapis, Dooq, Bomma, Brokis, among others.



With 11 years’ experience in the interior design industry, Andrés – who is from the Dominican Republic – doesn’t limit himself to a single design style or a specific period. He rather materialises ideas by using his creativity to mix personally preferred elements from different styles and periods. After getting some experience as an interior designer in Barcelona, Spain and Miami, Florida, Andrés found his own design practice, El Estudio Interiores – dedicated to developing statement commercial and residential spaces.

As we enter inside, the first thing that strikes is the entrance hall that evokes a feminine twist from mid-century modern details. The interior design team has created a set of horizontal wooden cylinders degraded into pink tones with indirect lighting from walls to ceiling. Essential Home’s Anthony Sideboard with Kelly Wearstler’s Forma lighting piece makes a sumptuous statement with the hall’s lighting fixture.



With more than 1 000 textiles and fine materials for lifetime pieces, Essential Home invites us to select any colour for any detail on any piece. The manufacturing array of options of these handmade Portuguese products provide so many possibilities to transform a space and / or adapt it to a new vernacular. Inspired by those 50-year-old hotel suites, the unique mid-century bed design by is complemented with two sculptural armchairs (also upholstered in classic velvet) called Ellen. These  feature a modern tub design with a contemporary take on mid-century style. What elevates the space to an ultra-luxury level is the addition of a sunbathing space with a view of the park and the sea. Here an iconic Ellen dining chair is the pièce-de-résistance.



The power of craftsmanship and handmade products was something that Andrés and Lissette wanted to incorporate in this residence. ‘The interior’s human value and sensitivity is present and that is what makes it magical. It was important that each element impart a special character with a story to tell,’ explains Andrés.


Andrés Aybar and Lisette Polanco



The living room combines an uplifting colour scheme with some big personality furniture pieces. Inspired by the vibes of the 20s, the mood of this interior echoes the glamour of the times through its shapes, its geometric tapestry and its solid explosion of colours that together all assure that every corner carries warmth and a contemporary reference to period style. The bright mustard tone of the Hudson armchairs adds an air of hope.



Detail of dining room wallpaper (featured in first image).

Featuring an open-plan space with a panoramic view of the Parque Mirador Sur de Santo Domingo, this living room has its own private corner called the Blue Room, for more intimate endeavours. This smaller living room continues the classic blue palette, from the walls to the beautiful Mansfield armchair in the reading corner, and is later combined with bright bursts of colour that energise the space more.



With its outstanding views and high volume, the master bedroom is sober and elegant. Impactful geometric patterns and a flood of natural light seduces us towards a balancing richness of textures. The star of the show, the Sophia bed, is upholstered in a soft, light grey velvet to further induce the sense of calmness the rest of the colour palette proposes.




location: Santo Domingo’s Mirador Sur Park, Dominican Republic

designer: Andrés Aybar


furniture: Essential Home