When you incorporate a few clever designer space-saving tricks, a bit of imagination with a splash of accessories and finishes, your small bathroom space will transform into an enviable relaxation abode. Style and sophistication will reign over clutter and complication.

Tile Illusion
A small bathroom has the ability to look elevated and functional. The key is to use tiles to create a bold, designer feel. Tiles laid in a specific pattern add dimension to a bathroom by making it appear bigger and lighter and even a remarkable feature in itself.

Dry and Diligent
Heated towel rails are a space-saving storage solution and keep towels dry, hygienic and fresh between washes. Wall-mounted towel storage is best for tiny space.

Frameless Freedom
Use frameless glass shower doors to not obstruct visual open space. Compact bathrooms have less wall space, bathroom accessories can be directly mounted onto glass shower doors or panels with Bathroom Butler’s glass mountings that’ve been designed specifically for slippery surfaces.

Tactile Signals
With smaller spaces it’s advisable to keep the colour palette light and airy. You can ensure plenty of style by bringing in interesting materials and textures though the finishes, such as brushed stainless steel, brushed bronze or matt black bathroom accessories.

Weightless Tricks
Floating or wall-mounted washbasins and vanities are ideal for tight corners and small spaces as they provide free space and create a light and minimalist ambiance.

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