Mobilia has teamed up with Perth-based architectural and interior designer studio, State Of Kin, to furnish Shutter House, a forward-thinking home designed for the modern family and furnished with some of the world’s most renowned and decorated brands; carefully hand-picked to complement the architectural statement of the home.



Situated across from the iconic Lake Monger in Wembley, Western Australia, the aptly named Shutter House is a concrete block that exploits the warmth of locally sourced timber to create a battened timber skin that wraps around the home, while a mechanical system allows the timber façade (shutter) to open and close, creating a sense of enclosure and intimacy, whilst still allowing unobstructed views to the adjacent lake.



The residence is spread over three levels. The ground floor consists of a four-car garage, wine cellar and entry into a spectacular three storey void that connects all levels via a feature staircase. The timber entry and elevator shafts are flanked by crisp white porcelain wall lights by Michael Anastassiades, which sit effortlessly within the playfulness of the architecture.



In addition to the skilful detailing of the balustrade, Patricia Urquiola’s gem-like Fordite rug by CC Tapis is a standout in the entrance bringing a joyful sense of scale and colour to the entry.



Inspired by the material of Fordite (a bi-product of the automotive industry), Urquiola has integrated a similar approach to sustainability in the creation of this rug collection; which co-exists perfectly with its material surroundings.

Patrica Urquiola’s Moroso Gogan Sofa has been selected for the living space, which takes its name from nature and in particular from Japanese stones rendered smooth over time. This sits perfectly with the Fjord armchair (one of the designer’s first and most iconic armchairs) and the blissful colour of the Visioni Rug that is centred by the VV Cinquanta Suspension Pendant by Italian architect Vittoriano Viganò, originally designed in 1951, and produced by Astep.



Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, laundry and gallery are situated on the first floor, along with an intimate courtyard and balcony spaces adjoining each bedroom.




The monochromatic layering created by the nude Slinky Rug by CC Tapis and the vis a vis Moroso Tender sofa, both designed by Patricia Urquiola, show the clever use of furniture and forms to define space in the gallery area; which divides the master bedroom from the other areas on the first floor.



The multidirectional use of the sofa allows the user to face outward toward the light filled courtyard or reflect back at the artwork on the opposing wall when using the intermediate space as a place of reflection and pause, which also doubles as a void to ensure privacy for the master bedroom.



An open-plan living, dining and kitchen space on the second floor affords panoramic views of Lake Monger and connects to a terrace and pool area with a separate studio.



An abundance of sun is available in the front balcony – super architectural in its nature and providing an inner viewing to the timber battened operable shutters – where the grace of a welcoming, relaxed vibe of Urquiola’s Vimini collection by Kettal highlights a modern twist of traditional, elegant and warm materials.The warmth and colour from the outdoor area gently flows into the adjacent dining room, which is defined by Golran’s impeccable Meteo Rug by Inga Sempé that houses the dark-stained version of the Moroso Mathilda table and chairs, a stunning and vibrant entertaining area for the home owners.



The versatile kitchen looks onto both the dining room and the perfectly executed main living area which is a gentle balance of form, colour and under stated style and speaks back to the expression of the designers appreciation of Japanese architecture through the use of light and detail.



The Vimini collection, which was inspired by the Basket Chair by Danish designers Nanna Ditzel and Jørgen Ditzel from the 1950’s, sits with Urquiola’s latest collection of furniture, the Roll Tables and Band Armchairs for Kettal, inspired by the honest exposure of materials, a perfect marriage to the balcony area.

The master bedroom is fitted out with Patricia Urquiola’s latest bed for Moroso and an extension of her Redondo collection inspired by 1960’s American cars, the soft curves of their body work and their upholstered interiors.



The three bathrooms on this level are tied together by the clever use of graphic tiling, vibrant colour and the fascinating and magical Shimmer mirrors designed by Urquiola for Glas Italia, which throw dancing shadows of colour on the tiling behind.



Mobilia’s Director Salvatore Fazzari says he was excited by the opportunity to work on Shutter House with the team at State Of Kin.

‘The architecture and hard interior finishes were so tastefully and perfectly executed that it was important to complement those selections, as opposed to select furniture that would compete instead of enhance those pre-made selections; which I felt we managed to achieve with the help of the State Of Kin Team.



‘The house is expressive and playful in nature, but it also has a underlying sense of elegance and therefore the selections needed to be honest to that subtle balance which the State Of Kin team managed to create; a balanced that I feel we managed to emulate with the soft furnishings.’



The outdoor terrace and pool area, which are connected to the main living area, are adorned with State Of Kin’s recognisable, curved deco references, richness and balance of colour and materiality, which is best demonstrated with the tiling in the area, clear cut deco inspired reveals into the pool and the custom tiled curved bench seat; that has been coupled with Urquiola’s Mesh Table and colourful Roll Chairs from Kettal.

State Of Kin Co-Director Alessandra French explains: ‘From the inception of this project, we wanted to create a material palette championing raw, expressive materials and an enduring design statement for what has become our flagship project to date.



‘We have a small studio that allows us to have a very close and collaborative approach between our architectural and interior departments, which is seen by the way the material finishes play off the architectural elements of this home. The design vision was clear from the start, and I feel we managed to materialise our initial vision for the project from an architectural and design perspective.

‘It was great to be able to use the work of some of our favourite contemporary designers like Patricia Urquiola, Michael Anastassiades and Inga Sempè and mix them with some of our favourite design masters like Gino Sarfatti and Vittoriano Viganò.’

Shutter House features an array of Mobilia’s brands and works by a mixture of designers and brands, including: Patrica Urquiola (Kettal, CC Tapis, Moroso, Glas Italia), Inga Sempé (Golran), Studio Pepe (CC Tapis), Michael Anastassiades (Michael Anastassiades), Gino Sarfatti (Astep) and Vittoriano Viganò (Astep).

Mobilia’s Director Salvatore Fazzari adds: ‘We’ve worked alongside the State Of Kin team on commercial projects before such as Pan Pacific Hotel’s Uma Bar (Perth CBD), Stables Bar (Perth CBD), Bodyscape Yoga Studio (Nedlands) etc.

‘Good design to me is more about an approach than the typology of a project, the project’s location or the limitations that each project uniquely and evidently presents.

‘I feel the team at State Of Kin have really been able to showcase their flexibility and design maturity on this project and we were excited to see how well this project was embraced by their peers and our friends within the local design industry in Western Australia and abroad.’

State Of Kin Co-Director Ara Salomone explains the architectural challenges of the project and how these challenges steered the design of the home in a positive way: ‘The site of the project was quite interesting from an architectural perspective, as a narrow, steeply sloping lot – it gave us some interesting parameters to work with.

‘We embedded the home into the slope, using the varied levels to create connection and interaction between floors, to encourage access to light and air in every space and create vignettes of interest throughout the home.

‘Layering the second skin of timber battens to the openings of the building façade allows the residents to control and modify their experience of the home both internally and externally. The mechanical opening movement of the shutters imbues the home with an almost animated quality and a sense of movement that is engaging. It is functional as a shading device and privacy screen, but also adds a layering effect to the façade that emphasises visual depth and the movement of shadow and light from the street.

‘Spaces for rest and contemplation are separated from vibrant living spaces, they are smaller in scale and more intimate in ambiance – yet each is connected to the exterior and allows flexibility in the ability to be open and airy, or private and tranquil. The outdoor and living spaces on the top floor are dynamic and bold, they are grand in scale but still welcoming, with clear visual connection to the outdoors from all points of view. These spaces are perfectly coordinated for entertaining, for energetic and lively gatherings.’

This is Mobilia

Mobilia is an Australian company specialising in high-end designer products from reputable brands, ranging from furniture, lighting, flooring, outdoor and architectural products.

The family-owned business originated over 45 years ago as a manufacturer of finely made furniture for both the residential and commercial market. While the focus has changed, an appreciation of quality and craftsmanship is what continues to define the company today.

Mobilia is proud to represent a curated range of brands including Kettal, Cassina, Marset, Joquer, Vondom, Moroso, Poltrona Frau, Michael Anastassiades, CC Tapis, Golran and Glas Italia in the Australian market. Their passionate team is committed to helping clients find authentic designer pieces that they will treasure for a lifetime.

A desire to inspire a culture of design, both nationally and internationally, is also central to Mobilia. Their Design Circus event continues to broaden awareness of design in Australia and keeps them connected to their social responsibility of contributing to local charities.

What is State Of Kin About?

A Perth-based, multidisciplinary design studio, State Of Kin specialises in the foundation of spaces across residential, hospitality, retail, wellness and commercial sectors.


State Of Kin Co-Director Alessandra French

The team is perpetually immersed in the realm of design, and the collective purpose is the creation of inimitable architecture and interiors. ‘We believe that the design of buildings and spaces is a fundamental practice which influences and shapes human interaction, understanding and behaviours.’



Offering a holistic service encompassing architecture, interiors, project management and construction, State Of Kin is a tight knit team with evolving, dynamic ideas. Their vision centres on innovation, momentum, excellence and revolution – that each project is formed from its own nucleus of insight, tended to with vitality, perception and zeal.



Passionate about delivering expressive, contemporary spaces with a unique identity, the practice focuses on the experience of users within spaces created – to reflect a distinctive, characteristic outcome.

furniture: Mobilia, Salvatore Fazzari
furniture: State Of Kin, Alessandra French
photography: Jack Lovel + Fragments Photography

Kettal furniture

Band collection by Patricia Urquiola
Vimini collection by Patricia Urquiola
Roll collection by Patricia Urquiola
Vieques collection by Patricia Urquiola
Mesh collection by Patricia Urquiola