capegin has dedicated itself to the many fine handcrafted gins that are produced with devoted craftmanship in South Africa. For the Swiss online retailer with a soft spot for South Africa, there is virtually no other product that stands more for the modern lifestyle of South Africa than gin: high spirited and light, quality conscious and positive, nature-loving and traditional.

Karin Juffinger, managing partner at capegin, is absolutely certain: “A deep-lying respect of both nature and the environment, appreciation of real craftsmanship, an interest in the flora and fauna of South Africa and the genuine love of their product is what make South African gin producers so truly special. That’s why we have made it our mission to bring the world of South African gin to Europe – in the same way The Travelling Art Gallery made it their mission to bring South African art to that same continent. What then could be more apt than to forge cooperation between us gin lovers and the artists’ initiative?”

And therefore, starting on June 13, capegin will be going on tour with the Travelling Art Gallery, represented with its own stand at the opening events where a selection of South African gins and finely tuned tonics can be tasted and, of course, also directly be ordered.

The 2019 Pop-Up Exhibitions – cities and dates:

Frankfurt 14 June – 23 June 2019
Stuttgart 28 June – 07 July 2019
Munich 12 July – 21 July 2019


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