As Marketing Manager of Saint-Gobain Gyproc South Africa, society, sustainability and innovation are Kerry Henning’s mandate. She calls for disruptive innovation, assiduously driving the message that sustainability is no longer an option but an investment for the future.

Globally, at top board level, Saint-Gobain understands the need to change and look to the future. In 2015, the company celebrated 350 years of history, which began at the Hall of Mirrors in the Place of Versailles in 1665.

Who is Kerry Henning? She’s a small town girl who grew up with the dream of becoming a journalist. While completing her IMM in marketing communications, she worked at Saint-Gobain for five years, then at the Homemakers Expo for a year before moving to the UK. She rejoined Saint-Gobain in 2011.

Are there any unique elements to her role apart from regular marketing responsibilities? She says: ‘When I rejoined Saint-Gobain, one of my first projects was to sort out the local website for the multinational. From there I spearheaded social media campaigns for the then B2B Company, and I realised that we had to find creative and inventive ways to reach architects. During this time we all agreed that as a company we needed to showcase and encourage South African architecture, all the while solving the need for a consumer-driven experience. This lead to the creation of FutureSpaces, a site celebrating great South African architecture, edited by Dr Arthur Barker.

For the full article see Habitat #252 March / April 2016