location: Sandhurst, Sandton, JHB | architecture: Jean Massyn | interior design: Mêha Art & Interiors | interior architecture: Diane Tevoedjre | interior designers: Dawie Griesel; Theodora Meselane | photography: Roxzahne

Part of a neighbourhood of residential homes was bought out and demolished to make way for a new and exclusive 12-storey residential development. Within, this penthouse unit offers 388 square metres under roof coverage, to which a rooftop pool deck and terraces add a further 189 square metres. The internal layout was reconfigured to accommodate four bedrooms, each with their own glass-enclosed en suite bathroom.

The brief to the designers was to transform the empty space into a world-class city pad. To achieve this they drew on elements of a Manhattan-style loft and introduced the sophistication of contemporary design. They aimed to create a simple and minimalistic space, which caters to the daily needs of the client, whilst being stylish and tasteful enough to make any guest feel most welcome.

This project had to be completed within an extremely short time frame.

Quality and luxury were vital elements, which the determined design team would not allow the compressed timeline to affect. While maintaining the loft appearance, the client required his home to acknowledge his multicultural and bilingual background. Modern, yet timeless trends were merged into a signature defining where he originated and what shaped him as a person.

As part of his brief, the client expressed his desire for a fresh, crisp atmosphere; a decorative signature of deep blues and stark white. This was to form the base of the overall design concept and the brief was subsequently executed by building on this favourite blue and white palette. The designers provided several options from which to select and offered guidance where necessary in order to reach an optimum solution; this as far as both style and budget were concerned.

Says Diane Tevoedjre: ‘The contemporary interior architecture paved the way for the use of a variety of textures as well as a kaleidoscope of blue hues, evoking the distinct impression of the calming and tranquil nature of water. The client’s brief provided a few shades of blue from which we could work and establish complementary colours.

‘It quickly became apparent that those selected resembled water and sky. From this base concept, an elaborate design was born – of natural tones and flowing lines – to create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. Throughout the space, red accent pieces were sporadically placed to complement the blues, causing each blue hue to appear more lively and vivid. A clean, modern feel throughout was created through the use of white porcelain tiles, marble and white high gloss cabinetry.

‘The main living space, as the central core, was dressed with an array of boldly coloured artwork by South African and Mozambican artists, plus a collage of mirrors that contribute in opening up the space to create an airy feel within. Paying tribute once more to the client, the art pieces are inspired by humanity and by life itself. Different techniques of painting were matched to ensure that each piece is complemented by others.’


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