2019 has seen a wealth of interior design talent rise through the ranks and showcase their work for the world to see. Mali Langa, Nthabi Taukobong and Julia Day are amongst a small selection of talented interior designers and stylists highlighted by the Habitat team in 2019. But who’s next?

To help, the team at Doors Direct have reflected on the past year in interior design to find out who the industry will be talking about over the coming months.

1. Karen Schaefer Louw

Karen Schaefer Louw has been designing stylish interiors with Interior Decor and Design since 2006. Her portfolio boasts a selection of traditional and contemporary projects.

Not only do her services encompass interior design, but she also provides furniture upholstery services, helping clients to become more sustainable.


2. Sarah Donnelly

Sarah Donnelly of Overberg Interiors is based in Western Cape, and her fresh, vibrant interior design style is what sets her work apart from the rest. Sarah focuses on creating light and airy interiors that lift the mood as soon as you enter the property.


3. Jenny Tzakas

Jenny Tzakas is an award-winning interior design stylist who brings her own unique touches to each interior design project. Her interiors combine light colours with rustic and modern furniture to create a truly glamorous setting.


4. Nate Fischer

Nate Fischer is a well-established interior designer that creates chic and comfortable interiors for a wealth of North American clients. Similarly to Jenny Tzakas, Nate Fischer’s interiors blend the old and new to create a comfy and welcoming atmosphere in every room.


5. Emilie Fournet

Emilie Fournet is a London-based interior designer, however, her eclectic designs are coveted worldwide. Emilie is constantly complimented on her ability to source unique vintage pieces, so if you’re looking for a bespoke design, make sure to keep an eye on her portfolio over 2020.


6. Bruce Fyfe and Kelsey Boyce

Bruce Fyfe and Kelsey Boyce are the dynamic duo that make up Fyfe Boyce Interior Design. Their design style is ultra-luxe, modern and glamorous, whilst providing a friendly atmosphere at the same time.

If you’re looking to transform your home into a beachside paradise in 2020, Fyfe Boyce is the design firm for you.


7. Trudy Jordan

Trudy Jordan is an established interior designer in Mexico, with over 17 years of experience under her belt. Trudy’s clever use of furniture and space helps to create clean and crisp lines, giving her projects an ultra-modern look.


8. Rukmini Patel

Rukmini Patel is a well-known interior designer and mainly works on properties in and around London. She focuses on substance as well as style when it comes to her designs. In addition, Rukmini tries to source local suppliers, giving her renovations an eccentricity that you won’t find elsewhere.


9. James Grey

Upon viewing James Grey’s interiors, you’ll notice that they are full of fresh, vibrant colours and prints. It’s this unique style that sets his interiors apart from the rest. His team draws on inspiration from around the world to create colourful interiors with international influences.


10. Nichola Bushuven

Nicola Bushuven’s interiors incorporate everything you love about simple Scandinavian-style design; sharp lines, neutral tones and plants, of course.

Her interiors have an ‘instagrammable’ quality about them, whilst also having the functionality that accommodates for the hustle and bustle of daily life.


11. Michele Volpi

Michele Volpi is an Italian interior designer who has over a decade’s worth of experience in the industry. No matter whether it’s an office, home or retail store, Michele Volpi and his team have the ability to transform the space into something modern and special.


12. Jessie Eve

Jessie Eve is the queen of the ‘homegrown’ interior, and her interior styling work has been recognised by established publications such as Elle, Houzz, Daily Telegraph and many more.

Her rustic, bohemian style makes any house instantly feel like a home, and it brings a light and refreshing look to the property.


13. Adam Scougall

Adam Scougall is an Australian interior designer who focuses on creating chic and stylish interiors for residential properties.

Adam doesn’t shy away from bold colours and prints, however, he introduces them in a way that isn’t too jarring. It’s this talent that makes him worthy of his countless accolades and successes.


14. Lisa Stewart

There is only one word to describe Lisa Stewart’s work, and that’s elegant. Her designs would not look out of place in a royal palace or castle, as she makes use of lavish lighting, period furniture and classic tones to make her designs stand out.


15. Aluwani Mutamani

Aluwani Mutamani is the CEO of Motama, an up-and-coming South African interior design firm. Motama’s interiors ooze luxury and are perfect for those who are looking for a clean, modern in look in their home or office.


16. Paul Warren

Sustainability is a key issue in today’s society, and Paul Warren aims to tackle this with his designs and projects. He focuses on using eco-friendly materials and tries to create chic designs that will stand the test of time.


17. Tina Ramchandani

Tina Ramchandani is the founder and owner of Tina Ramchandani Creative, a high-end interior design firm based in North America. She describes her design style as ‘Soulful Minimalism’, and this translates to clean, fuss-free interiors with a homely vibe.


18. Jodi Fleming

Jodie Fleming Design is made up of a mother-daughter duo that specialises in residential design and interiors.

Their elegant designs are comprised of rustic features such as oak dining tables and chairs, contrasted with crisp white furniture and industrial accents that would make any setting feel luxurious.


19. Vadim Maltsev

Vadim Maltsev is the master of luxury interiors, and he has created works of art inside apartments, villas, yachts and much more.

Vadim Maltsev’s designs are focused around collating brilliant artworks and bringing them into a space. No matter how bold or brash the style or colours, Vadim Maltsev’s team can find a way to make it look eye-catching and unique.


20. Frank Chou

Frank Chou is a world-renowned interior designer with multiple accolades and awards under his belt. He is regularly praised on his innovative take on interiors and he also has his own furniture range, full of one-of-a-kind pieces you won’t find elsewhere.


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